La Reta Summer Workshop is one of the most important design interactions in Puebla. Organized by Brodmann52, Coordenada21, and the designers community, it takes place every summer and is open to every people with passion for designing and thinking solutions for city's most demanding concerns.
On the first edition our inspiration was how to rethink economy around the bike. It was a great exercise of implementing ethnographic and design-thinking tools into a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds.
As a member of the organization team I was asked to develop the visual communication strategy to invite people to join the challenge. The process also required to create a visual journal of the sessions and facilitate fellow participants with meaningful feedback about design methods.
Brodmann52 staff: Carlos Martínez, Juan Marco Rivera, Arianna Pacheco, Esteban Cruz.
Workshop participants: Karime Germán, Daniel Concha, Luis Camacho, Diego Toledo, Marianne Carrasco, Natalia Guzmán, and Daniela Díaz.

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