Madera: A resourceful introduction to woodworking

Madera Summer Workshop was a 1-week-course I gave at my university while working at the Wood Laboratory. The goal was to teach the best practices of woodworking techniques, tools and machinery specially to non-designers at the campus. As the course was an independent initiative, I took the challenge of design every aspect of the course.

It had to be a quick, cheap and catchy poster to communicate that Madera was a workshop for everyone. It had to communicate the day to day of the laboratory as tools, security equipment and machinery elements. I also designed a web form for the people to apply to the workshop.

Participants learned the basics of woodworking techniques, tools and processes. The final goal was to craft a wooden tray in less than three days. They had to design and try to understand how to go from a wooden block to the final polished element. It was really interesting to see how a simple course had too much to show about wood.

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