Olive Tree is a startup looking forward to produce quality frozen food by locally sourcing goods and cutting costs on logistics and centralized industrial processes. The team needed a visual ecosystem capable to communicate their core values. DOT Labs was commissioned to direct their first stage of a long-term creative strategy.
By working along with the startup, the team developed an organic and friendly badge. The identity is meant to be responsive for print, web and mobile applications. We designed a flexible system that could be adapted to many formats in the future but such communicative in order to stand out from commercial companies.
Olive Tree is now producing and selling frozen gourmet pizzas in a business-to-business trading method so we developed the visual concept for the photography to showcase their lineup of products. Olive Tree needed to communicate the essence of a home-made pizza different to the industrialized ones sold on markets.
Year: 2016
Class: Visual Communication, Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity

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