The challenge relates to monitor donations during Teleton's campaign and therefore visualize how funds are being used over the 24 centers. This experience involves us as a multidisciplinary team from different specialty and backgrounds.
We started by developing user stories focused on donors' standpoint. We then had a meaningful brainstorming session based on insights and data science tools. Different iterations of wireframes and diagrams helped us understand a neat yet robust way to communicate the analized data.
The UI consisted in a single-page scrollable infographic developed over React, HTML5, and CSS.  The prototype was developed over different Adobe platforms such as XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
The platform itself, developed by VR3's Software Engineer team runs over many different frameworks such as NodeJS, MongoDB, and Microsoft Azure MLS. A layer of security that runs over hyperledger ensures that transactions are transparent, traceable, and reliable. Trax was awarded the first place and is now being in implementation phase as part of Teleton 2018 campaign.

Team VR3. Hackaton Teletón 2018 winners. Picture sourced from Teleton Foundation.

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